Conditions of guarantee as well as the procedure of complaint

  • Chameleon S.A. offers a 1 year guarantee on their ink and toner cartridges from the date of production.
  • In case of product defects, our company guarantees to remove the defect in 14 days, or in special cases 21 days until getting the defective products.
  • The base of complaint is that all defective products are returned to us with a detailed description of the problem, along with the printout (if possible).
  • Customer has right to exchange of the defective product with that of new one:
  • If during the warranty period Chameleon S.A. have already repaired defective product three times and it still does not work properly.
  • If Chameleon S.A. find that there is not possible to remove the defect or that it is not possible in warranty period.
  • Any the damage caused by customer own machines, or by inappropriate storage will not be covered by our guarantee.
  • When the volume of ink in the cartridges falls below 50% capacity (black cartridges) and below 60% capacity (colour cartridges) will not be covered by our guarantee.
  • Sending back should be agreed upon with section of complaint - see contact section.

Additional information

On investigation of complaint, we ask to see the proof of purchase in the form of a receipt or invoice first.

Before making a complaint, we advise our customers to clean their printer thoroughly and check the machines printout again. If there should still be a problem, we ask that all defective products are returned to us with a detailed description of the problem, along with the printout (if possible).

The printouts are required especially for colour ink cartridges, because the cartridges are susceptible to drying after removal from the printer. This is because they are separated from the tape when removed from the printer. The manufacturer's printout will not be correct after the cartridge has been removed from the machine and sent by post.

Upon submitting a complaint, we ask that the customer explains what colours appeared on the first printout ( they should be 3 basic colours). If the colours were correct, then it is likely that incorrect storage was the cause of the problem.

We ask the customer not to remove the guarantee seals or the manufacturer's labels, except labels which define the models of ink cartridges ( it concerns only the No Name products).

Every ink cartridge is required to have the mountain stuck label that defines its type, in order for the cartridge to produce correct printouts. Removal of these labels can lead to the drying out of ink that consequently leads to defects on printouts.

Black ink cartridges should retain their original tape. A lack of this tape also causes incorrect printout. We ask that customers do not apply any other type of tape to the cartridge.

Attention! We insist that customers do not apply another tape to colour ink cartridges, because this could lead to confusion of colours within the cartridge! In such cases, the complaint will be dismissed.

Every ink cartridge devoid tape or cart clip should be placed in the printer! In the case of  colour ink cartridges, the cartridge should be put into the same cart clip soon after removal from the printer!

Any product that is not used for a period of time may be subjected to drying out. In the event of this happening, the head should be soaked in liquid to create an opening passage in the head. We suggest soaking the head in warm water with small amount of mentholated spirits.

Every ink cartridge should be used every two weeks to prevent it drying out in the printer.