Conditions of purchase


Tradesmen, as well as wholesale customers, are obliged to deliver company foundation documents before the first trade transaction.

Please send us these documents via email: or by fax: +48 (77) 550 55 77


Orders for goods can be placed via fax or email.

All transportation cost is to be covered by the customer.

In case of dissatisfaction with delivered goods or invoices, complaints should be brought up immediately upon the receipt of goods. Details of the problem should be brought to the attention of Chameleon S.A., no later than  24 hours after the day of delivery.

Methods of payment. 

Payments for the first transaction should be made in T/T advance or can be made by direct debit, insured on customers' cost. Payments following this can be made by direct debit. We ask that each customer puts the number of the invoice to be paid, on all bank transfers.

For our long-standing customers we offer different payment terms and discounts.